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Here you will find practical, and easy Gluten Free and paleo recipes that will become tasty staples in your home. Many posts will contain a link to a YouTube tutorial, so you’ll find success with every batch of cookies, breads, and more!

Check out my blog page to find all of the gluten free and paleo recipes. Please let me know what you think (kind comments, please). I am struggling just like you to come up with tasty meals. Whenever you read a blog post from a gluten free site, know that the person on the other side is not coming up with these recipes on a whim. There is a lot of trial and error involved. Each day living the gluten free life is like better living through chemistry. Sometimes the bread rises, and sometimes it doesn’t. Whatever you do, do not give up.

Please give these recipes a try, and if you have your own tips and tricks, feel free to share them! I am not an expert and make mistakes just like everybody else. Also, you never know who will be reading your comments. Some folks are just getting their feet wet and your tips will help them be less afraid. When I started out, I was terrified of every label, the feelings of isolation (from not being able to eat out), and a fear of cooking. Comments from those who had the same issues and found solutions were a big help. This blog is all about building a community of happy, well-fed, gluten free and paleo people. Let’s do it together.

~Gluten Free With Me

*** I am not a doctor. As with any health issues, seek medical advice before making any changes to your lifestyle or health. This blog is for information purposes only.
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